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TCEB Interview

As a part of Digital Economy Acceleration Policy of Thailand, TCEB takes direction to develop Mega event platform in order to elevate digital entertainment industry in Thailand and connect Thailand’s potential business to the world.

The establishment of Bangkok Entertainment Fest (BEF) in 2014 has enabled TCEB to promote local business through events including Bangkok Comic Con, Thailand Comic Con, Toy Expo, Asian Comic Con and Bangkok International Digital Content Conference (BIDC) as a part of industry driving policy.

In 2017, TCEB decided to elevate Bangkok Entertainment Fest (BEF). BEF then becomes an eminent platform aiming to boost digital entertainment industry as well as to expand business opportunities and constitute an effective channel connecting international industry leaders and customers.

Develop “verified” event series & channels as a gateway to introduce as well as to connect Thai talents & business to potential opportunities both inbound and outbound.

BEF – Bangkok Entertainment Fest is conceived to be an engaging platform where industry and business can enjoy unique opportunities through event series consisting of three major components including:

Fan events – Selection of events which drive individuals and communities to participate in entertainment contents from playing, performing, and collecting to networking.
Business Showcases – Selection of talents and world-class companies to show their projects at regional and global scale and in various range of services.
BEF Symposium – Business connection platform where a wide range of Thai talents and companies to show, to talk, to share their portfolio, to connect and to coordinate their businesses.