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Bangkok Entertainment Fest 2018 unveils the most memorable pop culture event in Asia, Asia Comic Con 2018. 8-10 June 2018 at Royal Paragon Hall

Asia Comic Con is an event that gathers pop culture from various countries in Asia, with fan base from countless interests, ranging from TV series, movies, animation, games, toys and collectibles, cosplay and as well as, concerts. We intentionally create this memorable event to serve the fans and create the most unforgettable FAN’S EXPERIENCE.

  • The event gathers all toys and premium collectibles from all over the world. Meet up the prototype of collectible statue exhibition from the biggest up-and-comer in high-end collectibles world such as Hot Toys, Bandai, XM Studio, Gunpla, Medicom, and Prime1 Studio.
  • Enjoy the ultimate experience from the world’s popular CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD. At Asia Comic Con will surprise you with the special top rare items you’d never found elsewhere. If you're a card game fan, you cannot miss this!
  • More exciting experience with live gaming arena from rooting for the winner of King of Gamers in real-time with the special final round to Playstation 4’s world popular game’s competitions such as Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and FIFA 18.